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Connecticut School Violence Lawyer for Youths Accused of Bullying

Stamford Bullying in School Attorney

More and more schools are adopting zero-tolerance policies on bullying and physical violence, including fights and assaults, student-on-student harassment, sexual violence and weapons on school grounds.

If your child is accused of bullying behavior or violent acts, he or she may face criminal charges as well as school disciplinary proceedings. Juvenile law attorney Daniel P. Weiner has extensive experience in both arenas. He can intervene to ensure your child is not unjustly accused or unduly punished, especially if expulsion or incarceration is at stake.

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School Violence and School Bullying

If your teenager has been detained or arrested for an alleged criminal offense on school grounds, attorney Weiner can protect your child's rights on all fronts. As a former prosecutor with 40 years of experience in criminal and juvenile law, he provides effective juvenile defense.

If your son or daughter is facing school sanctions for physical or psychological bullying, Mr. Weiner can be effective in trying to prevent a lengthy suspension or exclusion/expulsion from school.

What Constitutes Bullying?

There is no statutory offense of "bullying." School boards and courts can construe many behaviors as bullying for purposes of sanctions:

  • Physical assault, including punching, kicking, shoving, tripping, etc.
  • Physical intimidation or brandished weapons
  • Verbal assaults and threats of violence
  • Abusive language and hate speech
  • Harassment and psychological "mind games"
  • Cyber-bullying via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Hazing and "initiation" rituals

An Opportunity to Keep This Off Your Youth's Record

The Pre-Trial School Violence Prevention Program is available to certain students charged with the use or threatened use of violence. Daniel P. Weiner can work with the Court Support Services Division to get your child qualified for this program.

The student is monitored for one year, and attends group counseling sessions on anger management and conflict resolution. If the youth completes the program with no new offenses, the criminal charges are dismissed and the records are sealed.

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