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Fairfield County Lawyer Handling Graffiti and Vandalism Cases

Stamford Graffiti Vandalism Attorney

Destroying property is often a red flag that a youth is troubled or has fallen in with a bad crowd. The juvenile justice system is charged with holding the young person accountable while helping that child turn his or her life around.

Stamford juvenile defense lawyer Daniel P. Weiner provides a skilled defense and makes sure the juvenile court balances any potential punishment with rehabilitation. As a former juvenile prosecutor with over 40 years of experience in juvenile law and youthful offender cases, he knows the penalties for criminal damage to property can be harsh, especially if the monetary loss is substantial or the youth has a continuing pattern of offenses.

If your son or daughter is accused of a property damage crime, you need to take it seriously. Contact us today to schedule a free confidential consultation.

Criminal Charges of Damage to Property

Attorney Weiner has handled thousands of juvenile matters, including every level of property crime and property damage offense:

  • Graffiti and spray painting "tagging"
  • Vandalism (breaking windows, slashing tires)
  • Destruction of property (structural damage, landscaping, vehicles)
  • Targeted vandalism (retaliation, gang activity, stalking behavior)
  • Breaking and entering
  • Burglary and theft
  • Arson

While many of these offenses are misdemeanors, the punishment can be severe. Your child could be taken from the home and incarcerated or receive other harsh consequences.

Mr. Weiner has extensive experience dealing with the juvenile court judges, prosecutors and probation officers in Fairfield County, and he has experience in achieving the most favorable disposition for his client. He will fight to attain the most favorable result for his client. Often it is possible to get charges dismissed or reduced for lack of evidence or proper procedure. It is often possible to negotiate a period of probation including community service and/or restitution if there are no prior offenses.

Burglary, arson or high-dollar value property damage may be charged as felonies, potentially in adult court. Your child may qualify for youthful offender status, a one-time opportunity to avoid a criminal record.

Under Connecticut's parental liability statute, you as the parent could potentially be civilly liable for property damage or theft perpetrated by your child.

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