Juvenile Community Supervision

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Juvenile Community Supervision in Connecticut

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Juvenile Community Supervision

There are numerous cases where different forms of community based supervision are ordered by the court. The most common is probation which is a period of court supervision. The juvenile after being adjudicated (found guilty) of an offense would be assigned to a particular probation officer. There are standard conditions of every probation which include staying out of further trouble with the law, school attendance and obeying your parents. The court can also impose a variety of other conditions including drug testing, counseling and community service hours if appropriate.

If a juvenile is charged with a non delinquent status offense such as truancy or running away from home, the court can also order community based supervision.

It is of crucial importance that the juvenile be apprised of his or her legal rights at the earliest possible time in order to avoid further harmful effects of the process on his or her future.

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