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Am I Liable for My Teenager’s Actions in Connecticut?

 Posted on February 25,2021 in Juvenile Crimes

Fairfield CT juvenile defense lawyerAs any parent can tell you, raising a teenager can be quite challenging. Despite your best efforts to teach him or her to make good choices, your child may sometimes do things you disagree with. Your child may even have ended up in legal trouble because of his or her decisions. Unfortunately, this could mean that you find yourself financially responsible.

Learning that your child has been charged with a crime or accused of causing damages to a person or their property can be a shocking and confusing situation to go through. If your child has recently been charged with a criminal offense, it is important to work with an attorney who is experienced in the juvenile justice system and can provide legal support and guidance.

Parental Responsibility for the Actions of Minors in Connecticut

Chapter 925 of the Connecticut state law statutes, Statutory Rights of Action and Defenses, describes when a child’s parents or legal guardians are liable for the child’s actions. According to the law, a parent or guardian is responsible if their child “willfully or maliciously” causes property damage or bodily injury. The term “willfully or maliciously” is generally interpreted to mean acting in a way that is unjustified and almost certain to cause injury. If a child causes harm to another person or to another party’s property without a valid reason for doing so, his or her parents may be responsible for the harm. The law places a $5,000 cap on parents’ liability for the actions of their child. However, there may be exceptions for offenses based on common law.

Parents Have a Duty to Exercise Reasonable Care

Parents may also be liable for their child’s actions under common law. Parents are expected to use reasonable care to prevent their child from harming others or causing damage to others’ property. If it can be demonstrated that your child had a tendency to act recklessly or with disregard for the safety of others and you did not take steps to mitigate this behavior, you may be liable for the consequences of your child’s actions. If your child is facing charges, a juvenile defense lawyer can be a valuable asset to both you and your children during this difficult time.

Contact a Fairfield County Juvenile Offenses Lawyer

If your child is facing legal action, you need an advocate on your side who has experience handling young adult matters. It is possible that your child could face serious consequences for his or her behavior. Teenagers may even be tried as adults in some cases. Whether your child was accused of drinking and driving, drug possession, theft, assault, or another offense, it is important to protect his or her rights as well as your own. Contact our Connecticut criminal defense attorney at The Law Offices of Daniel P. Weiner for help. Call 203-348-5846 for a free, confidential consultation today.



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