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Connecticut defense lawyerConnecticut imposes strict penalties for domestic violence. As such, if you have been charged with domestic violence in the state, you owe it to yourself to become knowledgeable as to the consequences of a conviction. Jail time, fines, and damage to your personal reputation are among the adverse outcomes. With so much on the line, experienced legal representation in matters of criminal defense is essential.

Domestic Violence Is Termed “Family Violence” in Connecticut

In Connecticut, domestic violence is categorized as “family violence.” Under state law, family violence is an event that occurs between family or household members that either causes physical injury or produces fear the physical injury is imminent. Family or household members include:


Connecticut stalking laws, Connecticut defense attorneyWhen a relationship ends unexpectedly, it is natural to want to find closure. The closure may come from a variety of sources such as a long conversation about what went wrong or seeing your ex with someone else. When you fail to receive the closure necessary to move on, life often becomes full of turmoil and answerless questions. Many pursue communication long beyond what is acceptable by the opposing party in search of relief, leading to stalking and harassment charges if left unchecked.

Explanation of Charges

Although a phone call is permissible and perhaps a visit under the right circumstances, if someone asks you to cease your behavior, it is important to respect their requests. Over time, the object of your affection may be willing to discuss in detail what went wrong. Failing to give them the time, distance, and respect they need can cause fear for their safety and that of their children. Depending on the circumstances, stalking or harassment charges may ensue. The differences between the two charges are:


Connecticut defense lawyer, Connecticut domestic violence attorneyBoth gun ownership and domestic violence are taboo subjects. The treatment of women and the Second Amendment are both at the forefront of debate, especially in election years. Even though we will have a new president and there will likely be plenty of legislative changes, one significant change has already taken place before the early election process began. On October 1, 2016, a law regarding domestic violence and gun ownership altered the previous status quo.

Prohibitions for Convicted Abusers

The previous restrictions are still intact in regards to gun control and those with severe or violent crimes. The prohibitions pertain to both possession and purchase of weapons by those who have been convicted of a violent misdemeanor, regardless of the relationship between the accused and the victim. Crimes that would preclude anyone not being eligible for gun ownership include:


Connecticut domestic abuse laws, Connecticut defense lawyer, Connecticut criminal attorney, Although each case of domestic abuse is unique, they all have one factor in common: Facing domestic violence charges is one of the most stressful and overwhelming experiences of the defendant’s life. Restraining and protective orders can reflect poorly on your record, and you might even face jail time if convicted. Fortunately, all defendants are innocent until proven guilty, and an experienced domestic abuse attorney can assess your case, explain your rights, and represent your interests in court.

If you are facing domestic violence charges, you probably have many questions and concerns. Here are three FAQs about domestic abuse:

Is There a Difference between Protective and Restraining Orders?


domestic violence, domestic abuse, Stamford Criminal Defense AttorneyFacing domestic violence charges is a serious matter. If convicted, defendants may have a criminal record and a potential jail sentence.

Connecticut’s domestic violence laws do not discriminate based on gender, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, education, or immigration status, according to the Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence. If you face domestic violence charges, it is important that you know your rights and consult an attorney with experience handling cases like yours.

Definition of Family Violence