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Can a Pretrial Diversion Program Help Me Avoid Jail Time?

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Connecticut pretrial diversion program defense attorneyIf you or a loved one was arrested and charged with a criminal offense, you may be unsure of what will happen next. Will you or your loved one be sentenced to jail? Will a conviction prevent you or your loved one from working, going to school, or finding suitable housing? Fortunately, many criminal defendants qualify for a pretrial diversion program. These programs can help a defendant avoid jail time and a permanent criminal record.

Focusing on Rehabilitation, Not Punishment

Connecticut courts recognize that many individuals charged and convicted of crimes are good people who made a mistake. If you were charged with a criminal offense but the offense was not a particularly violent crime or a sex crime, you may be able to participate in a program designed to “rehabilitate” you and prevent you from reoffending. Often, these programs involve mental health treatment, substance abuse counseling, educational classes, vocational training, community service, drug testing, and meeting with a probation officer. If you are able to participate in and complete a diversion program, your criminal record may be expunged.

Diversion Programs Available in Connecticut

There are many different types of pretrial diversion programs in Connecticut, including:

  • Accelerated Rehabilitation for individuals charged with minor crimes and traffic violations

  • Supervised Diversionary Program for those with certain mental health conditions

  • Family Violence Education Program for individuals charged with domestic violence

  • Pretrial Alcohol Education Program for DUI offenders

  • Pretrial Drug Education and Community Service Program for individuals charged with drug possession or drug paraphernalia possession

  • Community Service Labor Program for defendants who are convicted of a first-time drug possession offense

Juvenile offenders are often eligible for pretrial diversion programs as well. One of the biggest factors that will affect your eligibility for a pretrial diversion program is the likelihood that you will re-offend. Your attorney can work with you to determine the types of diversion programs you may be eligible for and how you can meet the criteria needed to participate in the programs.

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