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Caught Possessing Drugs in Fairfield County?

Posted on March 26, 2020 in Drug Charges

CT defense lawyerPossessing any kind of illegal drugs in Connecticut (with the exception of very small amounts of marijuana) is a serious offense in Connecticut, and if you are caught, you will face consequences that can be long-lasting, especially for juveniles. Do not try to navigate the court process alone; enlist a knowledgeable attorney who has experience in these cases to make sure that your rights are protected and the outcome of your case is appropriate.

Sentences Are Stiff

Connecticut’s drug laws are specific and uncompromising, and possession is seen as a significant offense, despite the decriminalization of possessing less than ½ an ounce of marijuana. Possessing more than ½ an ounce is generally a misdemeanor while possessing some harder drugs like narcotics can be a felony charge, and possessing hallucinogens like LSD or MDMA is punishable by up to five years in prison for a first offense. Because of the perceived risk to society, drug possession is a crime that prosecutors will often try to pursue aggressively.

That said, not every case of possession is an automatic black mark on a person’s record. The law does recognize certain exceptions to the law governing possession - it states, for example, that where possible, people who “breathe, inhale, sniff or drink” controlled substances are to be afforded medical treatment rather than criminal penalties. Also, no one who is seeking medical help for an overdose will be charged with drug crimes solely on the basis of that status - even though one might infer that they had to have possessed significant amounts of a drug in order to overdose. The law puts the person’s well-being first.

Possible Alternatives to Jail

Even if the evidence against you is strong, you may not necessarily wind up with a prison sentence, depending on the specific nature of the events in your case. If you have been charged with simple possession, rather than possession with intent to sell, you may be able to apply for admission into one of Connecticut’s pretrial diversion programs instead of receiving a jail term. If the judge decides you are a candidate for one of these programs, you must comply with all the program’s requirements to the letter - but if you do so, your case will usually be dropped entirely upon the program’s completion.

Alternatively, if your case rests on circumstantial or otherwise substandard evidence, the prosecutor may agree to “nolle” your case. “Nolle” is short for “nolle prosequi,” and it means “unwilling to prosecute.” If your case is put on the nolle docket, it will automatically be dismissed after 13 months. This is rare in drug cases, but it does happen, especially when the amounts involved are very small. Either way, having a good attorney at your side to try and argue for one of these options is always a good idea.

Contact a Stamford Drug Possession Attorney

Simple possession of drugs is an offense that can ruin lives, but it does not have to. If you have been charged with possessing any kind of illegal substance, our skilled Fairfield County drug possession attorneys at the Law Offices of Daniel P. Weiner may be able to assist you with your case - Attorney Weiner has years of experience with these matters and will use his knowledge to try and get you the most appropriate possible outcome. Contact our Stamford offices today at 203-348-5846 for a free consultation.