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Caught Shoplifting in Fairfield County?

 Posted on November 08,2019 in Theft and Property Crimes

b2ap3_thumbnail_shoplift_20191102-040045_1.jpgShoplifting is an all too common crime, but just because it occurs regularly does not mean that law enforcement does not take it seriously. If you have been arrested and charged with shoplifting, you need an experienced attorney on your side to make sure that your rights are protected. Having any kind of charge on your record can cause problems for you later on down the road.

Dollar Amount Matters

Shoplifting falls under Connecticut’s larceny law, in which ‘larceny’ is used as an umbrella term to cover many different theft crimes. Its rough definition is when someone intentionally takes items from a store or other ‘mercantile establishment’ without intending on paying the advertised price for the goods. It can be confusing to some, but if you have been charged with a theft crime, the charge will likely be larceny, even though it is technically a more specific offense.

The value of the goods that are taken usually determines the severity of the charge - there are six different degrees of larceny, with varying degrees of fines and jail time possible. The most common arrests for these types of crimes are the misdemeanor offenses; fourth, fifth and sixth-degree larceny charges do not yield much jail time - less than one year - but the fines can add up, as well as having to comply with any other type of restriction placed on you by the court.

How to Deal with the Charges?

It can be frightening being charged with shoplifting, especially if you have never been involved with law enforcement in any way. If this is your first offense, it is possible that a good attorney may be able to argue for restitution or community service (or both), which would stop you from having a criminal record if granted. It may also be possible to seek what is called accelerated rehabilitation, which is a pretrial detention program designed for those whose crimes are “not of a serious nature.”

If pretrial diversion or other alternatives are not available to you, it is even more important that you enlist an experienced attorney to help you and ensure your rights are protected. Intent matters when it comes to Connecticut theft crimes; if you can disprove the idea that you intended to take the items in question, or if you can argue that your actions show a lack of intent, you may be able to work something out that helps you avoid having a potential felony on your record.

Call a Stamford Shoplifting Attorney Today

If you have been charged with shoplifting, you need to ensure that you have a dedicated Stamford shoplifting attorney on your side who understands this type of case. The Law Offices of Daniel P. Weiner has years of experience in this area of law, and Mr. Weiner does his best to protect every client’s rights. Contact the office today at 203-348-5846 to schedule a free consultation.



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