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Obtaining Representation in Defense of College Campus Criminal Charges

Posted on in Sex Crimes

Connecticut defense attorneyIf you have been charged with rape, sexual assault, sexual battery, or other sexual misconduct while attending a university in the state of Connecticut, it is imperative that you secure legal representation experienced in the defense of crimes alleged to have been committed on college campuses. If convicted you face jail time, expulsion from your university, a lifetime of reputational damage, and long-term educational and vocational barriers. When so much on the line, when the consequences are of the utmost gravity, an experienced Fairfield criminal defense attorney is a critical resource.

Criminal Defendants Are Guaranteed Rights Under the Constitution

Legal representation in the wake of sex crimes allegations and charges is focused on the protection of your legal rights. When arrested, for example, the Constitution demands that the arresting officer inform you of your rights under Miranda v. Arizona to remain silent and to have an attorney, whether obtained at your own expense or appointed for you. From the time of arrest, constitutional rights, under the Fourth and Fifth Amendments, are retained during time spent in police custody, including during any instances police interrogation.

Perhaps most important of all is the right to a fair trial. An experienced Norwalk criminal defense attorney will fight to protect this right, holding all authorities to constitutional requirements related to probable cause, arrest, custody, interrogation, the gathering and handling of evidence, the conduct of opposing counsel, in-court hearsay, and more.

Both Police and University Security Must Not Breach a Defendant’s Rights

When an allegation of rape, sexual assault, sexual battery, or other sexual misconduct has been made on a college campus, both the university’s own security force and local and state police may lawfully investigate, working to obtain evidence, including the statements of any potential witness and DNA evidence such as blood, hair, and bodily fluids. The Constitution requires that evidence be handled properly and a crime scene secured in accordance with established guidelines and procedures.

An experienced Stamford criminal defense attorney will hold the police and university security personnel to their responsibilities under the Constitution to ensure that you are treated fairly and your legal rights are protected. In the United States, a criminal defendant is innocent until proven guilty, and guilt, in a criminal court, must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. Experienced legal counsel will fight for your rights under the Constitution and tirelessly hold the state to the burden of proof to which it is bound.