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What Is a Computer Crime in Connecticut?

 Posted on September 25,2015 in White Collar Crimes

Connecticut defense attorney, Connecticut criminal lawyer, computer hacking, One of the biggest challenges lawmakers face is trying to write laws that keep pace with the rapid advancement of technology. Connecticut has several different computer crimes on the books. Unfortunately, these laws are often written and interpreted broadly, sweeping up some people who may never have thought of themselves as criminals.

The five major computer crimes are:

  1. Unauthorized access to a computer system;
  2. Theft of computer services;
  3. Interruption of computer services;
  4. Misuse of computer system information; and
  5. Destruction of computer equipment

Unauthorized Access to a Computer System

You have committed this crime if you have knowingly accessed any computer or computer system, when you knew you didn’t have authority to do so. This could include everything from stealing passwords to a computer or a computer program. If you hack into the email of your spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend, you may have committed the crime of unauthorized access to a computer system.

Theft of Computer Services

This crime deals with using a computer to gain access to services or information without authorization. Many websites offer free information, but many sites with in depth information require payment. If you hack into a news website that requires payment to see some content, you may have committed the crime of theft of computer services.

Interruption of Computer Services

This crime involves disabling the regular use of a computer or computer system. A typical example of the crime of interruption of computer services would be the intentional spreading of a computer virus. Most prosecutions involve the intentional spreading of a virus. But, the text of the law may make even the accidental spreading of a virus a computer crime, but it appears that the law is not usually used in this way.

Misuse of Computer System Information

This crime involves the unauthorized display of data or photos from a computer or the intentional or reckless destruction, alteration, damage, deletion, interception, or receipt of data from a computer system without the owner’s permission. Think of stealing pictures from someone’s online photo account and sending the pictures to others. The photo thief, and potentially the recipients of the photos may have committed the crime of misuse of computer system information.

Destruction of Computer Equipment

You commit the crime of destruction of computer equipment when you intentionally or recklessly destroy, alter, or damage a computer or computer system. This could include everything from intentionally pouring water on the servers at the office to using a powerful magnet to destroy the data on a computer hard drive.

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