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Connecticut Trucking Violations

 Posted on January 16,2020 in Traffic Violations

CT defense lawyerLike any other job, driving a commercial truck has rules and regulations that must be obeyed, so as to keep the road as safe as possible for truckers and all other drivers. However, sometimes the penalties for violations can seemingly come out of the blue. If you acquire too many points on your Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), your very livelihood can be threatened - enlisting a knowledgeable attorney to fight violations is crucial.

Less Likely to Be Reduced

Historically, many Connecticut trucking violations could be reduced to a lesser violation which did not add points to a CDL, but over time, most of the possible reductions were eliminated. The legislature intended to hold commercial truckers to a higher standard than standard automobile drivers, because they spend so much more time on the road and have the capacity to cause more injuries and fatalities. Thus, each violation has the potential to add points to a CDL, the same way they would for a standard driver’s license.

There are several different types of violations that can attach to a CDL, all of varying severity. Some examples include:

  • Driving an overweight truck
  • Trucking log violations, where proper records are not kept (the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration requires truckers to log their hours
  • Failure to complete inspection prior to a trip
  • Reckless driving or other moving violations on the road
  • Operating a commercial vehicle without a CDL or with a suspended CDL
  • Several others, all of which can attach to a CDL for months or years

Do Not Just Pay

It can be very tempting to simply pay off the fines you acquire, especially if you are from outside Connecticut and dislike the inconvenience. However, paying off trucking violations can result in a meteoric jump in your insurance rate, as well as becoming part of your permanent driving record. The fines for some are also particularly stiff - depending on how many pounds overweight your vehicle is, the total amount can reach into the thousands of dollars. Consulting an attorney may illuminate more options for you.

If you have been charged with a more serious crime like reckless endangerment, DUI/DWI or evading responsibility, you may also still require an attorney to deal with any underlying traffic violations as well as the larger criminal offense - depending on the specific situation, it is not unheard of for one to flow into the other, and facing potential prison time as well as the loss of your commercial driver’s license is too much for the average person to handle alone.

Can a Stamford Trucking Violation Attorney Help You?

A simple trucking violation may seem like a minor inconvenience, but too many can lead to swift consequences. If you have violations on your CDL, it is a good idea to contact a skilled Stamford trucking violation lawyer as soon as possible. The Law Offices of Daniel P. Weiner handles these matters regularly, and Attorney Weiner can try to help you reach a fair and appropriate outcome in your case. Call our office today at 203-348-5846 for a free consultation.



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