Criminal Attorney Tips: Never Underestimate a Misdemeanor

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Criminal Attorney Tips: Never Underestimate a Misdemeanor

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Connecticut criminal statutes, Connecticut defense attorney, CT criminal lawyer,Most Americans make an honest effort to follow the laws and encourage others to do the same. However, people sometimes make mistakes that can lead to either misdemeanor or felony charges.

No matter what type of charges you face, the advice of a criminal defense attorney may prove invaluable. Even misdemeanor offenses can remain on your record, which can compromise your employment opportunities and ability to acquire grants for school.

Many people understand that felonies are typically more serious than misdemeanors. Unfortunately, this has led to the misconception that misdemeanor charges are not a big deal. This article will explain why it is important to have a solid legal defense if you are facing misdemeanor charges.

Can I Go to Jail for Committing a Misdemeanor Offense?

Different misdemeanor offenses can vary greatly in terms of the penalties. A class A misdemeanor conviction may come with up to one year in jail, according to the Connecticut General Assembly. Even the lighter charge of a class C misdemeanor can result in one month in jail. In addition to potential jail time, a misdemeanor conviction may result in a fine of up to $2,500.

Despite popular opinion, misdemeanors can be much worse than a simple fine and a legal “slap on the wrist.” This is especially true for repeat offenses, which can result in thousands of dollars in fines and longer incarceration. Like felonies, misdemeanors stay on your record and can hinder your personal and financial opportunities.

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