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Defending against a Drug Crime Charge in Connecticut

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Connecticut defense attorneyStamford, Connecticut is less than 40 miles from the New York metropolitan area. It is no secret that New York, like most all major metropolitan areas, is a major market when it comes to the distribution, possession, and consumption of drugs that are illegal under federal and state law. On the distribution side, whether on an organizational or individual level, demand, whether a factor of addiction or recreation or both, creates the market.

For example, cocaine has long been associated, rightly or wrongly, with the “work hard, play hard” characterization of Wall Street. MDMA (the active ingredient in “ecstasy”), on the other hand, has been associated more with young people, portrayed as pleasure-seeking at warehouse “raves.” The list goes on and on: marijuana, LSD, methamphetamine, and more. Whatever the drug, a possession, distribution, or consumption-related charge brought by a Connecticut criminal court is a very serious matter. In such times, a skilled Fairfield County criminal defense attorney will work to protect your legal rights.

A Connecticut Drug Crime Conviction Brings Serious Consequences

The close proximity of Stamford to New York can add a layer of complexity to a drug crime charge. This is especially the case with marijuana. During the Obama administration, former attorney general Eric Holder worked to end the prosecution of minor drug possession offenses in New York with regard to marijuana. Things have changed under the Trump administration, with current attorney general Jeff Sessions eager to restart the policies and rhetoric of former President Reagan’s “war on drugs.”

In other words, a concerted effort is being made to roll back the previous administration’s policy of leniency with regard to minor marijuana-related possession offenses. Caught in the middle of consecutive administrations with vastly different philosophies, you can run into trouble with regard to even minor possession – especially if the possession has occurred while crossing the New York-Connecticut state line. This is because federal law is invoked when state lines have been crossed, especially with regard to a possession with intent to sell criminal charge.

What to Do If You Have Been Charged With a Drug Crime in the Stamford Area

With fines, jail time, and reputational damage among the possibilities stemming from a Connecticut drug crime conviction, it is imperative that you mount the strongest defense possible in a timely manner. Contact a skilled and experienced Stamford criminal defense attorney to discuss your legal rights.