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Defending Against Criminal Charges in the Juvenile Context

 Posted on November 13,2017 in Juvenile Crimes

Connecticut defense attorneyThe wind blows especially cold for some as October draws to a close and November marks the year’s turn toward winter. Halloween: an occasion for innocent costume donning and candy-crazed merrymaking for the young. For pre-teens and teenagers, however, All Hallows Eve can get out of hand, drastically so, with partying or misbehavior resulting in criminal charges ranging from alcohol and drug-related offenses to property damage or theft to violence to even sex crimes. For a juvenile facing one or more criminal charges in the state of Connecticut, a strong legal defense raised by an experienced Norwalk criminal defense attorney is a must.

Juvenile Criminal Charges Can Have Long-Term Consequences

Dangerous misconceptions about the juvenile justice system abound, tempting parents and children alike to underestimate the long-term impact of a juvenile conviction. Even a minor child can be sent away upon conviction for a year or more. In addition, even if a juvenile conviction is expunged from a child’s criminal record upon reaching the age of 18 or 21, the conviction can still have devastating effects upon the child’s ability to reach his or her full educational or vocational potentially.

Specifically, even a juvenile conviction can adversely affect the college admissions and scholarship processes, thereby altering career prospects. College, graduate school, and professional schools such as those for law, medicine, and finance are extremely competitive, especially when it comes to the east coast’s top-ranked institutions; having the blight of a conviction on one’s record, or simply suffering a focus-related setback while in a current school or as the result of expulsion that translates into lower grades or a sub-par standardized test score can set off a negative chain of cause and effect.

Your Future Demands That You Mount a Strong Legal Defense

If you or your child have been charged with DUI in the wake of Halloween excess, know that Connecticut has a zero-tolerance policy for underage drinking and driving. As such, severe penalties may be imposed, including a license suspension of up to six months – a punishment that can limit the ability to get to school, work, activities, and other responsibilities.

For repeated offenders, or a DUI in which property damage or personal injuries resulted, charges and potential penalties are still more severe. Whether a child needs representation in juvenile court or adult court with regard to criminal charges, an experienced Fairfield County criminal defense lawyer will mount the strongest possible legal defense.



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