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Do I Have to Speak to the Police?

 Posted on February 17,2023 in Criminal Defense

stamford criminal defense lawyerAt one time or another, most people find themselves having some kind of interaction with the police. They may have been involved in a car accident, witnessed a crime, or even gotten pulled over because of a suspected traffic violation. Whatever the reason you may find yourself speaking with a police officer, there are important things you should keep in mind.

But I Did Not Do Anything Wrong

Most people think that if they did nothing wrong, then they have nothing to worry about by speaking with the police and answering their questions. Unfortunately, there have been far too many people who have been arrested and convicted of crimes, and spent years in prison, until their convictions are finally overturned. Even if you are innocent of the crime police suspect you of being involved in, you should understand what your constitutional rights are and what could happen if you do not have an attorney present during the questioning. Remember, anything you say can and will be used against you in court.

The Police Are Not Always Your Friend

When we are children, we are taught the police are our friends. That may be true when we are children, but when we are adults and the police think we have been involved in criminal activity, they are definitely not our friends.

Even if you are innocent, the interaction you are having with the police is adversarial. They suspect you have committed a crime, are trying to find enough evidence to arrest you, and see you convicted.

If police are attempting to question you, inform them – politely – that your attorney has advised you to consent to police questioning without your attorney present. If you are concerned that not speaking to them, will make you look guilty, remember that they think you are guilty anyway. So protect yourself and invoke your right to remain silent.

When you refuse to speak to the police, they may try using certain pressure tactics they have been trained to use to get people to confess or incriminate themselves. Unfortunately, these tactics can work even on innocent people. They may tell you misleading or even deceptive information to trick you into thinking they have overwhelming evidence, an eyewitness, or even an accomplice’s confession, and that by confessing, the prosecutor will go easy on you.

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