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Drug Charges in Connecticut

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Connecticut defense lawyerFentanyl, a synthetic opioid pain reliever that is 50 to 100 more powerful than morphine, is now firmly on the radar of state and federal law enforcement. This drug has become a scourge, ushering in an addiction crisis like the country has never seen before, killing tens of thousands, and ensnaring many more in its grip.

Perversely, where there is a blight of addiction, there is also an economic orbit. Thus, as scores grapple with the ill effects of fentanyl addiction, there is much activity directed at illicitly importing, distributing, and selling the deadly drug in both Connecticut and of the nation at large. For those charged with the possession or distribution of fentanyl, serious criminal penalties may be imposed upon conviction. In confronting such charges, the experience of a Fairfield County criminal defense attorney is essential.

Fentanyl to Be a Schedule 1 Drug Under Federal Law

A drug charge may be state, federal or both, depending on the specifics of the circumstances. Working in conjunction on the federal level, the Department of Justice and Drug Enforcement Administration have announced their intention to classify substances bearing structural (chemical) relation to fentanyl in “schedule 1” of the drug classification system. Schedule 1 is the highest (most severe) classification, translating to harsh penalties for stemming from a possession or distribution conviction.

Other schedule 1 drugs include heroin and, even though it is now legal in eight states for medical and/or recreational use. Punishments meted out following a conviction of a drug charge for a schedule 1 substance such as fentanyl or heroin include jail time, significant fines, community service, mandatory drug testing and education, and probation. Importantly, these punishments, issued by the criminal justice system, are not the only ones. There is also damage done to one’s educational and vocational aspirations, as well as one’s reputation. As such, the incentive to mount the strongest possible legal defense of the charges against you is extreme.

Connecticut Offers Drug Court as an Option to Some Individuals

In some instances, it may be possible for a person accused of a drug offense to go to “drug court” – a program that oversees substance abuse treatment, employment and education-related assistance, and court supervision. In addition, at the conclusion of the successful completion of a drug court-supervised program, no criminal conviction is entered into the defendant’s record – a more preferable outcome. Whatever the charges against you, and experienced Norwalk criminal defense attorney will fight for your legal rights.