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Someday Cars May be Able to Tell When a Driver is Drunk

 Posted on August 27,2014 in Driving Under the Influence

driving under the influenceSome cars can park themselves, brake automatically, and keep the car from drifting across lanes on the highway. In addition to all the advances in automotive technology that have taken place over the last several years, it may be just a matter of time until a device in your car can tell if the driver is too drunk to safely operate the car.

In an effort to reduce the number of alcohol-related crashes, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is working with suppliers on the development of the Driver Alcohol Detection System for Safety (DADSS). The system would automatically determine the driver’s blood alcohol content by either touch or breath. Ideally, the system would be passive, gathering the needed data without requiring the driver to blow into a breathalyzer. It is even possible that the system could then prevent the driver from operating the car if the driver’s blood alcohol level is above the legal limit.

If such a device or system can be implemented, it is possible that the NHTSA could require the technology to be implemented in all vehicles. However, the first step towards this technology would be to build a research vehicle while ironing out some of the challenges involved, including where to place the touch sensors and how to distinguish between the driver’s breath and that of passengers. The system would have to be very accurate, unobtrusive, and convenient to be suitable for widespread use.

Although deaths from vehicle crashes have declined over the last few decades, over 33,000 people are killed every year, and the estimated annual cost of those crashes is $827 billion. The DADSS system is estimated to save thousands of lives each year.

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