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Have You Been Charged With a Violent Crime in Fairfield County?

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CT defense lawyerViolent crime does happen in Connecticut, contrary to the beliefs of many people, with the state rate roughly mirroring the national numbers. However, what many do not understand is that not all violent crime is the result of unbridled malice or evil actions. If you have been charged with a violent crime like assault and battery or murder, you have the right to a good defense, and you have the right to seek legal help that can ensure you have your fair day in court.

Remain Silent

If you have been held in connection with a violent crime, it is imperative to exercise your right to remain silent whenever possible. Many people in such a position may say something off the cuff or not understand their rights when they are read (or, in rare cases, their rights may not be read to them), and anything they say can be used against them in court, just as every Miranda warning one sees on television makes clear. Do not give law enforcement any opportunity to misunderstand or use your own words against you.

It is important to keep in mind that you do not even need to wait for formal charges before retaining an attorney. The criminal justice system can be quite complex and it is easy to make errors in procedure that can cost you - having an experienced attorney on your side can ensure your rights are protected, as very often, prosecutors and police may try to cut procedural corners in trying to secure an arrest and conviction. Sometimes this is unintentional, and sometimes it is not, but either way, you have the right to have someone on your side sticking up for your rights.

Be Aware of Your Options

Violent crimes, as one might imagine, are prosecuted very aggressively in Connecticut, especially if they result in the death of another person. Many violent crimes are grouped under the heading of Class A felonies, which means that they carry at least a 25-year prison sentence, plus any assorted fines and costs. Even Class B felonies are considered very serious, though; some Class B felonies carry a mandatory minimum sentence of five years, plus up to 10 years on probation afterward.

While it is natural to want to go to trial to be able to stand up and profess innocence, sometimes this is not the best course of action, and it is important to be able to distinguish between the two - or at the very least, to allow your attorney to distinguish between the two. An experienced criminal defense lawyer will be able to read the situation well enough to assess when a trial is appropriate, and when pursuing a plea-bargain might be a better idea. The stakes are too high to trust to chance.

Call a Stamford Violent Crimes Lawyer

Using violence should always be a last resort, but sometimes it may be unavoidable, especially if you are acting in your own defense. You have the right to a good defense, and a skilled Stamford violent crimes attorney at the Law Offices of Daniel P. Weiner is ready to try and provide one. We have many years’ experience in violent crime cases, and we will work hard to give yours the best chance of an appropriate outcome. Contact our office today at 203-348-5846 for a free consultation.