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Have You Been Cited for Trucking Violations in Connecticut?

 Posted on April 20,2020 in Traffic Violations

CT defense lawyerIt takes particular skill to drive a large truck on Connecticut highways, but a truck driver must also be aware of the regulations surrounding their ability to do so. If a truck receives a weight violation or another type of citation while it is in the state of Connecticut, it is not something that can be ignored. Depending on the specific situation, it may be a good idea to contact an attorney to handle the issue.

Road Maintenance Matters

It may sound like a relatively minor infraction, but too many overweight trucks on Connecticut roads cause demonstrable wear and tear, which can, in turn, cost the state more money to maintain. The fines collected from overweight trucks go a long way toward offsetting any maintenance money, but the state still has a vested interest in ensuring that its roads are not overburdened.

For many years, a citation for driving an overweight truck used to be a mere formality, requiring a simple fine. Nowadays, however, points are accessed on your Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) if you are found guilty of the violation, and if too many points accrue, your license will be suspended. It is possible in rare circumstances to obtain a special overweight permit from the Department of Transportation (DoT), but this is very rare, and often requires special restrictions to be placed on the vehicle in order to allow the extra weight.

You May Be Charged with More Serious Crimes

It can be tempting to simply pay the fine and move on. But paying the fine is admitting culpability, and it can cause a rise in your insurance premiums, as well as remaining on your personal driving record for the future. If you were to, say, change jobs, a future employer could see a history of trucking violations, which can be problematic to be sure. However, it can seem too burdensome to try and fight the citation, especially if you are continuing to drive your truck across the states. This is when an attorney can come in handy, acting on your behalf.

Keep in mind that in addition to the original overweight truck violation, you may be charged with criminal offenses if your overweight truck causes death or injury to another. Manslaughter is a common offense, which you can be charged with if your overweight truck was the “proximate cause” of a vehicle accident that resulted in death. Another charge sometimes levied against overweight truck drivers is reckless endangerment, which comes up if there is an issue of reckless or negligent conduct. Be aware that the stakes can get much higher than a weight violation.

Contact a Stamford Trucking Violations Attorney

A trucking violation may seem inconsequential, but it can become serious if not addressed. The Law Offices of Daniel P. Weiner is well versed in these types of cases, and our skilled Stamford trucking violation attorney is ready to work hard to ensure that your rights are protected while you are doing your job. Contact our offices today at 203-348-5846 for a free consultation.




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