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Helpful Tips to Keep in Mind If Police Pull You Over

 Posted on June 03,2015 in Traffic Violations

police, traffic stop, Connecticut criminal defense lawyerNobody likes being on the wrong end of a traffic stop. The blue lights flashing in your rearview mirror will get your heart pumping, blood flowing, and hands shaking in an instant. In many cases, people do not know why police have stopped them. They may be unaware of a broken taillight, or they may not have noticed a stop sign. No matter what the reason for the traffic stop, it is always important to stay calm and to be respectful to the officer. If the officer tries to give you a ticket for a traffic offense or test you for DUI, rude behavior can only worsen the situation.

Stay Calm and Pull over Safely

If a police car moves behind you and turns on its lights, it is important to pull over as soon as it is safely possible, according to Business Insider. If you have to change lanes, this may require waiting a moment for other vehicles to move.

Always use your turn signals lights when pulling over. Not only does this let the officer know that you intend to pull over as soon as possible, but it also notifies other drivers. When you have reached the shoulder or other safe place, turn on your hazard lights.

Try to focus on making the officer's job as easy as possible. Roll down the window all the way, and wait for the officer to speak to you. Be polite and courteous in responding to questions.

Do not move suddenly or look through your pockets, bag, or glove compartment because this could send the wrong message to the officer. It is best to answer all questions as honestly and clearly as possible.

If You Face Charges, Consult a Traffic and DUI Lawyer in Stamford, Connecticut

If police pulled you over and gave you a traffic ticket, or charged you with driving under the influence, the guidance of a Stamford traffic violation attorney may prove invaluable. Mr. Weiner of the Law Offices of Daniel P. Weiner can assess your case and may be able to develop a comprehensive defense strategy. To schedule a consultation, call us at 204-348-5846.

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