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How to Fight a Traffic Ticket in Connecticut

 Posted on September 27,2018 in Traffic Violations

IL defense lawyerWere you pulled over for speeding? Did you get a ticket for rolling through a stop sign? Maybe you received a traffic ticket but do not think you deserved it. While very few drivers actually contest traffic tickets in court, it is an option. Here are a few frequently asked questions about fighting a traffic ticket in Connecticut:

Q: How do I plead not guilty to the alleged traffic violation?

A: There are three ways to plead not guilty. You can plead not guilty via a web portal, by phone or by mail. An experienced attorney can walk you through these options and make sure you enter the plea correctly.

Q: What are some defenses I can use to fight the ticket?

A: The defenses available to you depends on the circumstances. For example, if you received a speeding ticket you might be able to argue that the radar gun was compromised (not working properly). You can also argue (for speeding and other tickets) that the officer did not have a clear view of what happened. Providing witness testimony will help your case.

Q: How long do I have to fight the ticket?

A: The deadline for responding to an alleged traffic violation is included on the ticket. If you do not respond within the prescribed time frame - either by paying the fine or pleading not guilty -- then you could lose your license. You will also have to pay additional fines and could even be arrested.

Q: How much does it cost to contest a traffic ticket?

A: There are various costs to keep in mind, including attorney’s fees and lost wages from taking time off work to go to court. (Attorney’s fees depends on the complexities of your case.) You might also see increased insurance costs.

Q: What happens if I plead not guilty but the court finds me guilty?

A: The incident will go on your driving record. Additionally, you will likely pay the original fine and other court costs. For more serious infractions, you could spend time in jail.

Q: Is it worth going to court to fight a traffic ticket?

A: There are pros and cons of going to court. It really depends on your particular circumstances and the penalties that you are facing. The harsher the penalties -- like losing your license or going to jail -- the more you have to lose by not contesting the ticket. An experienced attorney can help determine your best course of action.

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Do not hesitate to reach out to the experienced and dedicated Fairfield traffic ticket attorneys at the Law Offices of Daniel P. Weiner today for help fighting a traffic ticket. While sometimes it is easier to simply pay the fine, in some cases it is worth contesting the alleged violation.





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