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Internet Business Fraud and Theft

 Posted on June 10,2016 in White Collar Crimes

Stamford criminal defense attorneyInternet-based business fraud and theft in the state of Connecticut is a multi-faceted crime that has far-reaching consequences for everyone involved. Computer and internet crimes can include everything from identity, credit card, check, and wire fraud to healthcare theft and Medicare scams. Crime rates for these types of offenses continue to grow as our technological abilities continue to advance. Offenders are continually developing new, creative strategies and evolving in their schemes to reflect the current trends and stay one step ahead of authorities.

Types of Internet Fraud

Internet fraud varies and covers a wide range of areas, including but no limited to:

  • Stalking and harassment;
  • Enticing minors;
  • Terrorist crimes and threats;
  • Misuse of computer system information;
  • Unauthorized use of a computer or network; and
  • Unlawful sale or distribution of various software programs. 

Any act that involves misusing information via computer to deceive, manipulate, or steal is considered computer theft. One common computer-related crime is internet business fraud, which can take on many different forms, such as presenting a false identity, making false promises to unsuspecting customers, or using customer’s information to steal money or confidential information.

Internet Business Fraud as Defined by the Law

Misrepresenting yourself as an online business is a prime example of internet business fraud. Connecticut considers certain violations of the computer crime statutes a class D felony. These offenses include using “identifying information” to access a person’s financial accounts in order to obtain goods or services, or contacting or soliciting another person to collect identifying information without the permission of the business. If you are creating a false presence, pretending to be a business owner or an owner of a business you actually have no association with, or are guaranteeing certain services to which you have no authority to do so, you are tampering with internet business fraud.

Internet theft is a serious offense and many people can fall victim to this crime. If you have been involved with any kind of internet-related theft here in Connecticut and need some guidance, contact a Fairfield County criminal law attorney today. Protect your rights by calling the Law Offices of Daniel P. Weiner at 203-348-5846 for a consultation. The penalties for such crimes can be severe so it is important to seek help quickly.



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