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Recent Juvenile Crime Rates: What to Do if Your Child Becomes a Statistic

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Stamford juvenile crime defense attorneyJuvenile crimes are among some of the most heartbreaking, especially where parents and loved ones are concerned. Everything from bullying, campus crimes, sex offenses, and drug allegations continue to impact not only the juveniles found guilty of such crimes, but families, friends, and, of course, victims, as well. Anyone involved in these juvenile offenses can testify to the life-altering effects brought on by such tragic behavior.

Recent Developments in Juvenile Crime Rates

As of January 2016, Connecticut has seen a 54 percent decrease in annual juvenile arrests and incarcerations since 2009.  During that same period, there has been a 75 percent decrease in inmates under the age of 18. These statistics are encouraging, driven by the “Raise the Age” state initiative that went into effect back in 2012, which raised the age of juvenile jurisdiction to age 18. Additionally, the percentage of young offender cohort arrests declined, and arrest rates for juveniles aged 16 to 21 on an annual basis have been consistently dropping.

When Your Child Becomes a Statistic

The recent developments in Connecticut’s juvenile arrest rates are certainly encouraging, but juvenile crimes will never cease to exist. What do you do if your child becomes a statistic? What should your first course of action be?

The moment you get the call with word that your child has been detained or arrested, your very first step should be to contact a criminal defense lawyer who can walk you through the process, explain what to expect, and most importantly, protect your child’s legal rights. Although police do have the right to question and speak with your child without you or an attorney present, your child does maintain the right to remain silent until they obtain proper legal representation.

Once you have contacted an attorney, you will gain access to the information you need to proceed, such as the location of where your child is being held, whether or not you are able—or required—to post bail, and whether or not they are being charged as an adult. If you experience communication regarding a warrant for your child’s arrest, your attorney can also guide you to help you avoid making any incriminating statements that might further hurt their case.

Moving Forward

While many people assume juvenile crimes to be less serious or petty offenses, the reality is many juvenile crimes are very serious and carry equally severe ramifications along with them. Most notably, the lives of the juveniles themselves are significantly impacted on a negative level, affecting everything from driving privileges and free time to educational goals and personal relationships. You can move forward and support your child through a difficult time by utilizing the right resources and reaching out for professional help. Speak with a Fairfield County juvenile defense attorney who can counsel you and guide you protect your child’s best interests. Call the Law Offices of Daniel P. Weiner at 203-348-5846 for a free consultation.