Juvenile Crimes: Delinquency Prevention Efforts and Why They Are So Important

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Juvenile Crimes: Delinquency Prevention Efforts and Why They Are So Important

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Stamford juvenile criminal defense attorneyFor a variety of reasons, young people are, sadly, the culprits of countless crimes—theft and property crimes, in particular. Such behavior is typically indicative of a much larger problem. Youths who commit crimes are often emotionally and mentally troubled, or they have simply surrounded themselves with negative influences who have paved the way for their poor choices. Most youth-driven crimes are usually minor, but what may be considered a small theft or abuse of property can be the beginning of a pattern early on that later becomes a much more serious problem.

Delinquent Acts Versus Adult Crimes

Juvenile crimes are like any other crimes; they include everything from burglary, larceny, and motor vehicle theft to shoplifting and assault. One of the distinctions is that when a juvenile commits an offense that is considered by law to be an “adult” crime, the juvenile is deemed a delinquent--essentially a young criminal. This means they are prosecuted for delinquent acts, not crimes, with the exception of serious delinquent acts, which can, depending on the circumstances, be tried in court as adult crimes.

Prevention Programs

The tendency for minor delinquent acts to turn into lifelong patterns of serious adult crimes spurs a continual need to address delinquency prevention efforts. This is where various juvenile programs that aim to promote awareness can be effective. A number of statewide programs have been established to bring attention to everything from interventions, mentoring, school-based bullying, and more. School-based social and emotional learning programs (SEL) are especially helpful in fostering the development of cognitive and behavioral competencies, which aid to improve social behaviors and overall academic performance.  

Why We Need Them

Similar to discouraging many poor life choices, preventing dangerous juvenile behaviors begins with early prevention. Mentoring is especially important; providing a safe, secure, environment and a network of positive relationships can establish a foundation that is a recipe for success for the troubled youth in your life. While delinquency prevention programs cannot put a stop to all juvenile crimes, they can at least shine a light on the needs of our youth and the dangers they and their peers face on a daily basis.

If a teen in your life has been involved with a juvenile crime of any kind, it is important you speak with a professional Fairfield County juvenile defense attorney who can offer insight and proper legal counsel. Call the Law Offices of Daniel P. Weiner today at 203-348-5846 for a free consultation.