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Defending Juveniles Against Criminal Charges in Connecticut

Posted on in Juvenile Crimes

CT defense lawyerIn the months of December and January, many young people in Connecticut experience significant extra free time while on winter break from school. During this time, holiday hijinks or unmonitored social time may sometimes result in a juvenile’s being saddled with criminal charges. Make no mistake, juvenile criminal charges in Connecticut are a serious matter and must be defended against accordingly.

There exists a misconception that everything that happens in life before the age of majority, including juvenile criminal charges, are just magically wiped away at the age of eighteen. This is not the case. While the state’s juvenile justice system is charged with protecting the constitutional and legal rights of minors, it is not reasonable to assume that a juvenile conviction will simply disappear when the juvenile reaches 18 or 21 years of age. As such, it is imperative that a juvenile facing criminal charges in Connecticut be represented by an experienced Fairfield County juvenile criminal defense attorney.

Common Juvenile Criminal Charges in Connecticut

Juvenile criminal charges are seldom all that different from adult criminal charges, and may include:

  • Underage drinking and DUI;
  • Marijuana possession and other drug charges;
  • Traffic crimes;
  • Vandalism and graffiti;
  • Theft and burglary;
  • Assault and battery;
  • Juvenile sex crimes (including sexual assault); and
  • Other violent crimes.

Just as in adult criminal court, evidence and testimony must be presented by the prosecution to lawfully obtain a conviction. And the state’s prosecutor will be working hard to meet its burden of proof. For this reason, an effective defense is a must for any juvenile facing criminal charges in Connecticut. Conviction may result in a minor child being sent away for a year or more, and an adult child being sentenced to jail time. Looking into the long-term, a juvenile conviction may begin a long and unfortunate chain of cause and effect, beginning with expulsion from school, continuing into the limiting of educational opportunities and scholarships, and ultimately adversely affecting the juvenile’s lifetime vocational opportunities.

Mounting an Effective Juvenile Offense in Connecticut

An experienced Norwalk juvenile criminal defense attorney will work to assert your child’s constitutional and legal rights in the state’s juvenile justice system, holding the state to its burden of proof, contesting the prosecutor’s version of events, an, when applicable, arguing for diversion programs, treatment, and all other available alternatives to a conviction or incarceration.