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How Lack of Evidence Can Work in a DUI Defendant's Favor

 Posted on November 11,2014 in Driving Under the Influence

lack of DUI evidence, Stamford CT criminal lawyerFacing DUI charges is an extremely frightening experience. Defendants may lose their license, pay steep fines, and even face prison sentences. In cases that involve a fatal car accident, the outcome can affect the rest of a person’s life.

In these instances, it is especially important to consult an experienced criminal attorney who understands how to use the law to a client’s favor. In many cases, charges can be reduced or even dropped. Although no lawyer can guarantee an outcome, professional legal guidance can help a person avoid costly mistakes that may reduce the likelihood of a positive case outcome.

When there is a lack of evidence in a case, or if law enforcement did not follow certain regulations, the prosecution may offer a plea deal. A recently settled case that took place in Stamford exemplifies this fact.

According to StamfordAdvocate, in 2010, a woman allegedly caused the deaths of two young men was recently sentenced to six months in jail. It was alleged that, under the influence of alcohol, she drove into and killed the victims.

Although this type of charge often carries a multi-year prison sentence, the prosecution offered an attractive plea deal due to a lack of evidence. The woman’s vehicle allegedly never actually struck the victims’ car as the two were changing a tire. Also, it was mentioned that state police destroyed the car and most of the evidence because they thought the case had been settled.

As well, the woman who allegedly caused the accident did not take a breathalyzer test at the state police barracks. This is a requirement when a person causes an accident that leads to serious injury or death.

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