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License Point Assessments: Consequences of Traffic Violations

 Posted on June 19,2016 in Traffic Violations

Fairfield County criminal defense lawyerOften when we think of traffic violations, we think of hefty fines, arrests, and various crash statistics. While it is true that all these things typically accompany traffic violations, another area that is impacted by these incidents is the driver’s record. No matter how minor or major your violation might seem, the repercussions do not always end with a simple ticket and a fine.

Depending on the circumstances that surround your violation, you might face a serious hit to your driving record--consequences that can follow you long-term and affect everything from your car insurance rates to your privileges on the open road.

Point Assessments and Your Driving Record

You can earn anywhere from 1 to 5 points on your driving record in the state of Connecticut depending on the nature of your traffic violation. For example, speeding, failing to drive in the right-hand lane, illegal turns, or failing to signal will all cost you one point on your record, while driving too slowly, disobeying orders from an officer, or failing to obey stop or yield signs will cost you two points. More serious offenses, such as driving impaired, passing in a no passing zone, speeding past a stopped school bus, or road rage behaviors will all cost you three points or more on your record.

What the Points Mean

Any points you accrue on your driving record remain there for a 24-month period. Warning letters are sent to the driver once a total of 6 points have been accumulated, and the driver is advised that should further convictions follow, their license may be suspended. License suspension begins at ten points or more, starting with a 30 day suspension period. At this point, the driver may request a hearing. However, should another violation occur on the driver’s record within 5 years of the suspension, the driver’s license will remain suspended until their record’s point total drops to a number below 10. The point system is in place to hold drivers accountable for their actions and to reduce the number of traffic violations on the roadways.

Some violations are considered significant criminal offenses. If you are dealing with a troubling violation and are unsure about where to go from here, contact an, experienced, competent Fairfield County criminal law attorney today. Protect your rights by calling the Law Offices of Daniel P. Weiner at 203-348-5846 for a free consultation.



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