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Need Criminal Defense Help in Connecticut?

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CT defense lawyerIn this country, a person is innocent of a crime until they are proven guilty, and they are entitled to a chance to defend themselves from charges. Defendants have rights, and if you have been charged with a crime, you need a Connecticut criminal defense attorney who will fight to protect yours.

Even Innocent People May Need Attorneys

In today’s United States, the criminal justice system can be an intimidating place, especially if you are innocent of the crime you have been charged with. While it is rare to find yourself faced with outright malice from police or prosecutors, it is sadly not uncommon to find an error on their part, which can sometimes put an innocent person in the proverbial crosshairs. Extreme examples have put innocent people behind bars - though none have occurred in Connecticut, there have been hundreds of exonerations of innocent people wrongfully convicted in 37 states since the 1970s.

Many people are of the belief that hiring an attorney when they are innocent may make them look guilty, but in reality, even innocent people may need a guide to ensure that their interests are protected. Sometimes police and prosecutors are simply so desperate to close a case that they may cut corners, and without a professional to safeguard your rights, you might find yourself in trouble that you did not ask for.

Multiple Possible Strategies

There are many different ways that you may be able to get a criminal charge reduced even if you have committed the act in question, either by making a deal with the prosecutor or by successfully showing that mistakes by the police or prosecutors have thrown the case against you into doubt. It is also not uncommon, especially with nonviolent crimes, to find an appropriate solution in diversion programs, such as drug education programs or rehabilitation.

It may also be possible to accept what is called a ‘nolle’ or ‘nolle prosequi’ - when a Connecticut state’s attorney declines to prosecute you, your case may be ‘nolled,’ which is essentially placing it on an inactive docket for the next 13 months. During that time, the prosecutor has discretion to reopen the case, though it is extremely rare that that would happen. If the case is not reopened, it will be dismissed completely. While it may seem unfair to remain on a short leash, so to speak, for 13 months, if your case is dropped, it will not result in a conviction on your record, which is obviously preferable to having one.

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Being charged with a crime can be a terrifying ordeal, especially if you believe yourself innocent of the charges. An experienced Norwalk criminal defense attorney can make a big difference for you, guiding you through the process instead of you being forced to go it alone. The Law Offices of Daniel P. Weiner does most of its work in criminal defense, and we are happy to try and help you with your case. Call us today.