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NTSB: Every New Vehicle Should Have Alcohol Impairment Detection Systems

Posted on in Driving Under the Influence

Stamford, CT DUI lawyerEach year, there are approximately 12,000 people killed in drunk driving accidents. Hundreds of thousands more are left with serious injuries. According to national statistics, one in three fatal car accidents involves a drunk driver. This has led the National Transportation Safety Board  (NTSB) to recommend that all new vehicles be required to have an alcohol impairment detection system.

NTSB Recommendations

In its announcement, the NTSB listed several measures that would work to prevent drunk drivers from getting behind the wheel of their vehicles. They recommend that all passenger vehicles should have vehicle-integrated alcohol impairment detection systems, advanced driver monitoring systems, or a combination of both of these systems that would be able to prevent a driver from operating the vehicle if the system detects the driver is under the influence of alcohol.

Part of their recommendation was having the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration  (NHTSA) require all new vehicles to be equipped with these systems. It is likely that under the NHTSA’s recommendation that this will eventually become law within the next 10 years or so.  

The NTSB also recommended that the national blood alcohol concentration (BAC) standard should be lowered to 0.05 percent from the current 0.08 percent. Currently, only one state in the country, Utah, has lowered its legal limit.

Ignition Interlock Devices

The systems recommended by the NTSB are similar to ignition interlock devices that the state of Connecticut currently requires for people who have been convicted of drunk driving. It is a small, hand-held device installed in a vehicle that prevents the vehicle from starting if the driver is under the influence. The driver is required to blow into the device, which then measures their BAC.

In Connecticut, even a first-offense DUI conviction is required to have an ignition interlock device installed in their vehicle for one year after they have completed their 45-day license suspension. If the individual is convicted of a second offense within 10 years of the first conviction, they are required to have the ignition interlock device for three years once their license is reinstated.

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