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Online Solicitation and the Consequences

Posted on in Criminal Defense

online solicitation, Connecticut criminal defense lawyerMany crime shows today revolve around the theme of internet predators. With the popularity of social media, the reality of online solicitation of minors is growing as children and young adults frequently use the Internet and social media in their everyday lives, raising concerns about the potential for sexual predator crimes.

In the state of Connecticut, online solicitation of a minor is defined as using a computer service that is interactive to coerce a person less than 16 years of age. If you know that the person you are talking to is under 16, and you attempt to entice them into prostitution or sexual acts, you can be charged with a criminal offense.

Solicitation of a minor is a class D felony in the state of Connecticut. A first offense through a computer network (online solicitation) is a class C felony, and the second offense through a computer network is a class B felony.

There significant other a special exception that says if the person is less than 13 years of age, you will be charged with a class B felony that is punishable by no less than a 5 year term of imprisonment for the first offense. Any subsequent offense will be ten years. These sentences cannot be suspended or reduced by the court.

Solicitation of a minor is a very serious charge that can lead to very serious consequences. This also includes misrepresenting your own age in order to entice a child into sexual acts.

Unfortunately, simply stating that you did not know that the person is underage the legal age of consent is not a viable defense. You will need to have the assistance of an experienced criminal law attorney to represent your interests in court. Your attorney will gather all of the facts in the case including the information that the prosecution has in order to create the strongest defense. Contact a Stamford, Connecticut criminal attorney at the Law Offices of Daniel P. Weiner today for more information.