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Possession or Purchase of Alcohol by a Minor: What You Need to Know

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Connecticut juvenile attorney, Connecticut defense lawyer, Connecticut criminal attorney,The problem of underage drinking is rampant everywhere, and Connecticut is no exception. Use of alcohol by minors often leads to the commission of more serious crimes.

Connecticut law provides stiff penalties for minors who purchase or possess alcohol. In addition to fines and possibly jail time, penalties include driver’s license suspensions or a delay in obtaining a driver’s license.

Alcohol Possession

Possession of alcohol by individuals under the age of 21 is an infraction for which the fine is $200 to $500. The Department of Motor Vehicles will suspend the driver’s license of any minor convicted of alcohol possession for 30 days if the minor possessed alcohol on a public street or highway or 60 days if the minor possessed alcohol in any other public or private location.

Alcohol Purchase

A minor who purchases or attempts to purchase alcohol, or makes a false statement in order to purchase alcohol, will be fined $200 to $500. The DMV will suspend the license of a minor convicted of this violation for 60 days.

Misrepresenting one’s age, including using a fake ID, or using someone else’s ID to purchase alcohol subjects the minor to a fine of $200 to $500, 30 days in jail, or both, and results in a 150-day driver’s license suspension.

Minors under Age 16

If a minor has not yet obtained a driver’s license and is convicted of an alcohol-related offense, he or she will have to wait an additional period of time after turning 16, equivalent to the license suspension period, to obtain a driver’s license.

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