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Connecticut Senator Raises Awareness of Phone Fraud

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Connecticut criminal attorney, phone fraud, telemarketing, white collar crime, Stamford white collar crime lawyer, fraud defense attorney, telemarketing fraudThis past February, a number of Connecticut residents reported being victimized by a new form of phone fraud. Residents received a call and were informed that a family member had been involved in an accident. They were then asked to fork over money or risk their family member being held hostage. Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy alerted the FBI about capturing data from these alleged phone calls in an effort to reduce fraudulent activity.

If caught, individuals involved in this type of activity could be accused of phone and telemarketing fraud, which is any scheme where a criminal communicates with a victim over the telephone. More often than not, fraudulent phone calls target the poor, immigrants, and elderly individuals. Also not all phone fraud involves demands for ransom.

However, fraudulent calls can be tied to telemarketing activity. Unfortunately it is often difficult to determine the difference between telemarketing fraud and legitimate telemarketing activities, thus making it hard to charge the individuals involved. Victims often find it  difficult to distinguish between a reputable telemarketer and a scam artist. However, if caught, violators of the law could be prosecuted under the U.S. Code for Telemarketing Fraud.

If you have been accused of participating in telemarketing or phone fraud, take your case seri ously. A criminal record could influence your future for years to come. It is in your best interest to retain legal counsel that is knowledgeable in criminal defense and phone fraud, so that your rights are represented. An increasing focus on fraudulent activity often gives law enforcement and elected officials the motivation to zealously pursue charges of phone and telemarketing fraud. Retaining an attorney will ensure that your rights are protected from start to finish and that all possible evidence and facts are explored in your case. Do not make the mistake of failing to take your case seriously. Contact a Connecticut a fraud defense attorney today.