Rules of Probation in Connecticut

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Rules of Probation in Connecticut

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Probation RulesIn Connecticut, if you are convicted of a crime or a motor vehicle offense, a judge can sentence you to probation as part of your sentence. The probation can begin immediately after you are sentenced, or, if incarceration is part of your sentence, probation will begin immediately after your release. The length of time you will be on probation is up to the judge’s discretion, based on the crime you were convicted of.

Once your probation begins, you will be assigned a probation officer. If you are beginning your probation upon release from prison, you should contact your probation officer immediately. The officer will assign you a day and time you are required to report to him or her. It is imperative to report as you have been told. Failure to do so could result in the officer issuing a violation and having your case returned to court, where you could possibly be sent back to prison.

When you report, bring a photo ID with you, proof of residence, such as a lease or utility bill, pay stubs from your employer, proof of any treatment, restitution or any other requirements you are required to fulfill.

Your probation officer will give you a list of rules and conditions you will be required to follow. If you are required to seek treatment for substance abuse or mental health issues and fail to do so, the officer can requesta warrant for violation of probation.

Probation officers are allowed to impose curfews. They are also allowed to come to your home at any time, day or night, unannounced, to make sure you are where you are supposed to be. They are allowed to search your home, without a warrant, to make sure there are no weapons, illegal drugs, alcohol or any other forbidden contraband.

A probation officer can also require you to submit to a DNA test, again without a warrant. Failure to comply with any of the rules your probation officer imposes can result in a violation and possible incarceration.

If you are on probation and have been charged with violating that probation, contact an experienced Stamford criminal defense attorney to represent you against what could be unfair charges.