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Sex Crime Charges in Connecticut

 Posted on July 12,2018 in Sex Crimes

CT defense lawyerSex crimes are some of the most serious offenses in Connecticut. In addition to criminal penalties like jail time, convicted sex offenders may be put on the state’s sex offender registry -- public information that can affect your ability to get a job. Even being accused of a sex crime can negatively affect your life.

What Is Considered a Sex Crime in Connecticut?

There are various sexual acts that are considered criminal offenses. Sex crimes in Connecticut include:

  • Sexual assault. Sexual assault is a complex crime because there are four degrees of punishment. Connecticut recognizes situations where sexual assault is a first-degree crime and others where it is only a misdemeanor (and situations in between those extremes). For example, first-degree sexual assault happens when someone has sexual intercourse with a mentally incapacitated person who is incapable of consent or forces a victim to have sex against their will. Fourth-degree sexual assault is generally a misdemeanor and involves sexual contact instead of sexual intercourse.

  • Child pornography. There are also varying degrees of punishment when it comes to possessing child pornography. For example, you are guilty of possessing child pornography in the first degree if you knowingly possess 50 or more visual depictions of child porn, and you are guilty of possessing child pornography in the second degree if you knowingly possess more than 20 (but less than 50) visual depictions of child porn. Possessing child pornography in the third degree is also a punishable offense.

  • Promoting prostitution. It is illegal to promote prostitution in Connecticut. You can be convicted of promoting prostitution in the first degree if you knowingly force or intimidate someone to engage in prostitution or profits from prostitution of a person younger than 18 years old. There are also two lesser degrees of promoting prostitution.

  • Enticing a minor. Someone is guilty of enticing a minor if they use an “interactive computer service” to persuade a minor to engage in sexual activity or prostitution.

  • Promoting a minor in an obscene performance. It is illegal to knowingly promote any obscene material or performance that involves a child, even if the material or performance is intended for an adult audience. It’s a crime whether or not the minor is paid for the performance.

An experienced attorney can explain the consequences of these and other sex crimes in Connecticut and what you can expect during the criminal defense process.

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