Sexual Assault on the Rise Across College Campuses Nationwide

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Sexual Assault on the Rise Across College Campuses Nationwide

Posted on in Sex Crimes

college sexual assault in Connecticut, Stamford criminal defense attorneySexual assault on college campuses occurs at an alarming rate across the nation. According to an online article published by The Washington Post, nearly 4,000 reports of forcible sex offenses were reported on college campuses in 2012, an increase of 50 percent over three years.

Due to this significant spike, the issue has become spotlighted as a national concern. The White House recently launched the “It’s On Us” campaign against sexual assault on college campuses. According to White House reports, an estimated one in every five women is sexually assaulted while in college with only 13 percent of rape survivors reporting their assault.

Federal law requires every college and university across the country to produce an annual campus safety report documenting crime at its school. For the state of Connecticut, Yale University, Connecticut College, and the University of Connecticut are the top three schools reporting the most forcible sexual assaults in 2012.

According to the Judicial Branch of the State of Connecticut, first degree sexual assault is defined when a person compels another person to engage in sexual intercourse by use of force against such person or a third person or the threat of use of force against such person or a third person.

There are varying degrees of sexual assault and separate definitions of other sex-related crimes such a statutory rape or aggravated sexual assault. The following sex-related crimes carry a mandatory prison sentence in the state:

  • Aggravated sexual assault on a minor;
  • Sexual assault first degree;
  • Aggravated sexual assault first degree;
  • Sexual assault second degree; and
  • Sexual assault third degree (with a firearm).

The state has a responsibility to prove sexual assault beyond a reasonable doubt for someone to be charged guilty of the offense. If you or someone you know has been accused of sexual violence in Connecticut and needs legal counsel, contact a Stamford criminal defense attorney to discuss your specific case and options for defense.