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marijuana possession, smoking a joint, Stamford criminal lawyer, Connecticut drug possession lawWhether you already have a criminal record or whether a marijuana drug possession charge is your first offense, you should take your case seriously and hire a criminal attorney. In Connecticut, there are several different types of charges you might be facing if you are caught with marijuana. The only individuals approved for marijuana use in Connecticut are those who carry a medical marijuana certificate.

If you are arrested with less than 4 ounces of marijuana, you could be facing a fine of $1,000 and you could even be sentenced to up to a year in jail. Any case involving higher quantities of marijuana can have more severe consequences.

Even young adults can face penalties if caught with marijuana: for possession of less than 5 ounces or possession of drug paraphernalia related to less than 5 ounces of marijuana, a juvenile 16 years old or younger will have their license suspended for at least 60 days, or in the case they don't yet have a license, receiving it can be delayed up to 150 days. Youth aged 17-21 will face fines and driver’s license suspension as well. Juveniles may also need to attend drug counseling and complete a certain number of community service hours.

Some people are under the impression that a marijuana drug charge isn’t a big deal beyond the fine or handful of days in jail. Being convicted, however, can be problematic in the future if you apply for a job. Certain employers have a zero tolerance policy for hiring someone with drug charges in their past, and a simple review of your background check will reveal the truth. In addition, your insurance premiums for your car and homeowner’s policy can increase once the insurance company is aware of your conviction. There are far-reaching consequences to being charged with marijuana possession, and even one charge could have implications well into your future. If you have been charged with marijuana or paraphernalia possession, you should contact an experienced Connecticut drug possession attorney to manage your case. You need someone fighting for you and your future.

domestic violence, domestic abuse, domestic assault, criminal charges, lawyer, attorney, ConnecticutJudges take allegations of domestic violence very seriously, and an incident where tempers rose quickly could have big implications for your future. If you have been accused of domestic violence, stalking, threatening, felony assault, or third degree assault, you need to retain a Connecticut criminal attorney as soon as possible.

Connecticut law regarding domestic violence defines that it is illegal for an individual to threaten, stalk, or physically assault you, even in circumstances where that individual is a family member, living in your household, or a person that you have dated. Family or household members can include parents or their children, a spouse or former spouse, individuals who have a child in common, and other individuals who are related by blood or marriage.

Punishments vary depending on what you are charged with, but assault charges are classified in degrees.

  •  First degree assault charges can result in a Class B felony;
  • Second degree assault charges can result in a Class D felony;
  • Third degree assault charges can result in a Class A misdemeanor;
  • Assault of a pregnant woman that results in pregnancy termination can result in a Class A felony.
The consequences of being convicted include jail time and fines. In some cases, the other party might seek a standing criminal protective order, too. The court has the authority to issue a standing criminal protective order after reviewing the nature of the circumstances and the criminal history of the accused. A protective order could bar you from staying in the home, seeing children, or getting within close range of schools, churches, or other locations where the involved family members may be. With just one case, the course of your life can be changed forever. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that a first time domestic violence charge is a minor incident. Contact a Connecticut criminal lawyer today.