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Are Teens Becoming More Likely to Try Illegal Drugs?

Posted on November 17, 2014 in Drug Charges

Connecticut teen drug use, Stamford juvenile crimes defense lawyerMultiple news headlines these days focus on teenage drug use. With drug reform taking place across the country, specifically the decriminalization of marijuana, growing trends among today’s youth concern many Americans.

Unlike other short-term trends, drug use can cause teens to face steep legal penalties that may affect the rest of their lives. Parents, teachers, and social workers are trying to find the best ways to identify and prevent drug use among teens.

Statistics reveal mixed results when it comes to answering the question about whether or not teens these days are experimenting with illegal drugs more often. The numbers for Connecticut reveal more concerning figures in regard to cigarettes and alcohol than they do for illegal substances, according to the Office of Adolescent Health. Although these controlled substances are more likely to get teens in trouble with their parents than with the law, it still is a cause for concern.

A recent report from ABC indicates that adult addicts often started abusing drugs in their teenage years. Even the most innocent “experimenting” with illegal drugs, it seems, can lead to a much more serious problem later in life.

Most parents are very much aware of the dangers of drug use in teens. Statistically, young students who take drugs, even recreationally, earn lower grades, perform poorly in after-school employment, and suffer troubled social relationships. There is also the risk of an unfortunate run-in with the law when it comes to illicit substance abuse.

Juvenile charges, depending on the severity, can be difficult to fight in court and can leave a very negative mark on a teen's record. Repeat offenses can even result in jail time. What is very alarming—especially for those considering college—is that drug convictions can affect a student's eligibility for financial aid.

If your son or daughter is currently dealing with juvenile charges related to drug use or possession, consider the help of an experienced Stamford, Connecticut criminal attorney. With more than 40 years of experience representing clients, the Law Offices of Daniel P. Weiner is ready and capable to provide legal counsel for criminal charges. Contact us today at 203-348-5854 for a free consultation.