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Teens and Sexting Laws in Connecticut

 Posted on April 20,2015 in Juvenile Crimes

sexting, text messages, Connecticut Sex Crimes Defense AttorneySending sexually explicit content through text, pictures, or video—known as “sexting”—has become a major concern among U.S. parents. This is especially true in cases involving pictures or video. To govern these crimes, various states began adopting teen sexting laws starting in 2009. Today, roughly half of the states in this country have some type of legislation that relates to sending sexual content over the Internet and on cellphones. Understanding these laws is critical for every parent.

How Sexting Can Get Teens in Trouble

Sexting made national headlines when a teenager faced charges of distributing child pornography. According to CNN, the defendant distributed nude pictures of his 16-year-old girlfriend as a means of getting back at her for an argument. As a result of this case, the court labeled the defendant a sex offender.

Sexting Laws in Connecticut

For teens between the ages of 13 and 17, it is a crime to send nude photographs of anyone under the age of 18—for any reason. According to Connecticut law , the courts will consider defendants who fall within this age bracket to be juveniles, and they will face misdemeanor charges.

For individuals over the age of 18, however, the situation can be much more serious If an individual is older than 18 and sends a nude photograph of a minor, however, the offender could face charges of possession of child pornography, which can be a Class B, C, or D felony.

Receiving Sexually Explicit Images of a Minor

Naturally, it makes little sense to charge those who receive an unsolicited nude picture of a minor. In such cases, Connecticut law only charges individuals who keep the image instead of deleting it.

Juvenile Law in Stamford, Connecticut

If you have questions about sexting laws in Connecticut and would like to speak with a Stamford juvenile sex crimes defense lawyer, contact the Law Offices of Daniel P. Weiner at 203-348-5846. Your initial consultation is free.

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