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What Are Some Examples of Violent Crimes Committed in Connecticut?

 Posted on May 19,2023 in Criminal Defense

CT defense lawyerMost criminal defense attorneys will agree that violent crimes happen far more frequently than many tend to believe. Such crimes are considered severe offenses that can attract enhanced penalties, often including potentially decades of imprisonment and steep monetary fines. Because of the nature of these kinds of offenses, such crimes are prosecuted very aggressively. To protect yourself from potentially serving many years in prison and having your life effectively ruined, contact a criminal defense attorney right away to ensure you have a fair chance at overcoming the charges.

Examples of Common Violent Crimes

Here is a list of examples of violent crimes in Connecticut that criminal defense attorneys work with regularly, including:

  • Assault – This is defined as intentionally causing physical harm of an immediate nature toward another person. This crime can include threats, unwanted physical contact, or any conduct that places someone in immediate fear of contact or death by the perpetrators. Depending on the degree of assault and the injuries sustained, penalties in Connecticut can result in a several-year prison sentence and steep financial penalties
  • Robbery - This is defined as the act of illegally taking someone’s valuable item, money, or property, and the person’s disregard of the owner’s rights over that property, often taking such property by using force, intimidation, or the threat of violence. It is considered to be a separate crime from theft or larceny on account of the necessity of the forceful and overpowering aspects of robbery. Moreover, robbery in Connecticut can be classified as a felony when a robber uses a weapon or causes serious injury to someone.
  • Manslaughter and murder – These are two of the most severe and notorious examples of violent crimes in Connecticut. Manslaughter refers to when one party causes the death of another without premeditation or intentional killing. Murder, on the other hand, is the most severe of all violent crimes and involves the malicious intent to kill.
  • Domestic violence – This is a range of abusive behaviors taking place within the household, creating a hostile environment for loved ones. Such behaviors can include physical, emotional, or sexual abuse.

Contact a Stamford, CT Criminal Defense Attorney

Being convicted of a violent crime can have life-shattering consequences. To give yourself the best chance possible to avoid being convicted of a violent crime, contact the judicious Fairfield County criminal defense lawyer with Law Offices of Daniel P. Weiner. Call 203-348-5846 for a free consultation.


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