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What Not to Say if You Are Pulled Over On Suspicion of DUI

Posted on March 02, 2023 in Driving Under the Influence

stamford dui defense lawyerIf you are driving along and suddenly see the blue lights flashing behind you, signaling you to pull over, it can be intimidating even if you have done nothing wrong. It is critical to understand that if an officer pulls you over, anything you say to that officer can be used against you should there be subsequent criminal charges. Unfortunately, many drivers who are stopped by police forget that and they often become “chatty,” especially if the officer begins to ask them questions about whether they have had any alcoholic beverages leading up to the traffic stop.

If you have been stopped, the following statements are ones you want to avoid. If you get arrested, make sure you contact a skilled Connecticut criminal law attorney to defend you.

Admitting You Are Impaired

Admitting you are drunk or otherwise impaired is one of the worst things you can say to police if you are pulled over. That statement will not only result in the officer arresting you for drunk driving, but it will also likely be used by the prosecutor as an admission of guilt during the subsequent DUI case. It is basically a confession and could even be used to establish your guilt regardless of any chemical test results you may have submitted to.

Admitting You Have Had Any Amount of Alcohol

Similarly, telling an officer you only had a “couple” of drinks can also be used against you, especially given Connecticut’s stringent drunk driving laws. Admitting you have had any alcohol can be a red flag for a police officer that you have had more than just a couple of drinks because that type of “confession” is usually uttered by drivers who have had too much to drink. Again, this statement can be used as against you as both probable cause for an arrest.

Admitting You Cannot Pass Field Sobriety Tests

While chemical tests are required under Connecticut’s implied consent laws, field sobriety tests are not. If an officer requests you submit to any field sobriety tests, always politely decline. However, never tell the officer you cannot pass the field sobriey tests and that is why you are declining unless you have a valid physical reason such as a disablity that prevents you or some other health issue. Just saying you cannot pass the test can be used against you to suggest you were admitting some level of impairment.

Contact a Fairfield County Defense Attorney for Legal Assistance

If you have been charged with drunk driving, do not try to defend against these charges on your own. Make sure you have a dedicated Stamford, CT DUI attorney defending you. Call Law Offices of Daniel P. Weiner at 203-348-5846 to schedule a free and confidential consultation and find out how Attorney Daniel P. Weiner can help.