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Workplace Violence Can Lead to Job Loss and Jail

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fairfield county assault defense lawyerIt is not uncommon to turn on the news and hear a report about an incident of workplace violence or reports of toxic work environments that have led to lawsuits and more. No matter what position a person holds in a company, acting out at work can not only result in termination but could also leave you facing criminal charges. If you have been charged with assault or other workplace violence, contact a Stamford defense attorney right away.

Criminal Charges Due to Workplace Threats or Acts of Violence

According to national statistics, more than 20,000 workers in private business industry were victims of nonfatal workplace violence in 2020. Many of these victims required days away from work. More than 20 percent of these victims required a month or more off from work while they recovered from their injuries.

When you think of workplace violence, you may envision tragic and terrifying situations that grab national headlines, such as when a disgruntled worker opens fire on other employees. While these scenarios do occur with alarming regularity, there are other types of job-related violence that occur on a smaller, more frequently scale.

At any job, conflicts, resentments, and job-related pressures can easily build, causing people to lose control. Acts for which you could end up facing criminal charges for include:

  • Attempting to physically intimidate another employee

  • Harassing others, either in person or by electronic means

  • Verbally berating and putting down other employees, particularly those you supervise

  • Damaging property, either on purpose or on accident, such as slamming down a phone after talking to someone

  • Getting into shoving matches or actually striking another employee, either during company hours or outside of work

Even if an altercation is relatively minor, it can have serious impacts. Many companies and organizations have zero-tolerance policies when it comes to any type of intimidating, harassing, or violent behavior on the job. 

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Losing your temper on the job site can leave you facing criminal penalties which include fines and a potential jail sentence. It can also leave you with a criminal record, which can have long ranging impacts in terms of your career and your ability to work in certain occupations. If you have been charged with workplace violence, you need an aggressive Fairfield County assault attorney defending you and ensuring your rights are protected. Call Law Offices of Daniel P. Weiner at 203-348-5846 to schedule a free and confidential consultation and find out how our firm can help.