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Are White-Collar Crimes Not as Serious as Other Crimes in Connecticut?

 Posted on June 16,2023 in White Collar Crimes

CT defense lawyerWhite-collar crime refers to nonviolent offenses committed by individuals for some kind of financial gain. These crimes can have significant economic impacts and are prevalent in many areas of society, but their repercussions are often unclear for those unaware of what such crimes entail. This ambiguity leads some people to speculate that white-collar crimes are less serious than other types of criminal proceedings. But is this conclusion correct in Connecticut?

While white-collar crimes may not be violent, they can gravely impact large institutions and systems. Moreover, they may also affect everyday people, such as through identity theft, which is a common white-collar crime. As a result, this form of crime is viewed very seriously in Connecticut and other parts of the country. If you have been charged with a white-collar offense, it is strongly recommended that you seek legal representation immediately.

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What is Most Important to Know Before Going into a Real Estate Closing, and How Can a Lawyer Help?

 Posted on June 01,2023 in Real Estate Law

CT real estate lawyerReal estate closings can be complicated and confusing events. For most people, real estate closings constitute one of the most significant transactions they can enter into, which is why an attorney’s preparation and proper guidance are essential to ensure the process can be as smooth as possible. Additionally, this is why it is highly recommended that individuals hire the services of a real estate attorney before it comes time to close a real estate transaction.

Here is What You Need to Know About Real Estate Closings

Before entering the process of a real estate closing, here is what you need to know, including:

  • Get everything in writing – Whether it is the real estate agent, the bank, or the seller, ensuring that all essential documentation agreements that may be of legal concern are in writing is crucial. This helps prevent future misunderstandings and provides evidence if any conflict arises.

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Most Important Things to Know About Multiple DUIs in Connecticut

 Posted on May 31,2023 in Driving Under the Influence

CT DUI lawyerSuppose you are a repeat DUI offender in Connecticut and are currently facing a second or third DUI charge within a ten-year timeframe. In that case, you need to be aware of the serious consequences that will result if you are once again convicted. Multiple DUIs can result in extremely harsh penalties, including weighty fines, a suspension of your driver’s license, and possible prison time. Therefore, understanding the legal process and your rights when charged with this type of offense is essential. By educating yourself on the subject, you can make informed decisions about proceeding with your case and protecting your future. And remember, as you look to fight these charges, hiring an experienced DUI lawyer will be critical to ensuring you can pursue a case outcome that is favorable to you.

What You Need to Know About Multiple DUIs

In Connecticut, the penalties for multiple DUIs are severe. If you are convicted of two or more DUIs within 10 years, you may face mandatory minimum penalties that increase with each subsequent conviction.

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What Are the Penalties for a First-Offense DUI in Connecticut?

 Posted on May 26,2023 in Driving Under the Influence

CT DUI lawyerIf you have been charged with a first offense of driving under the influence (DUI) in Connecticut, it is crucial that you understand the penalties involved. Connecticut has stringent laws concerning driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and the consequences of a DUI can be severe. While first-time DUI offenders face milder punishments than those who have committed multiple offenses, the consequences of a first-offense DUI can still be significant. Therefore, if you are facing a first-offense DUI charge, contact a criminal defense attorney right away to begin the process of building a solid defense.

Consequences of a First-Time DUI

Penalties may include the following:

  • Jail time – A first-time offender may serve up to six months in prison if convicted. The court may also suspend the sentence and make partial alternative provisions, such as community service, probation, or paying a penalty fee.

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What Are Some Examples of Violent Crimes Committed in Connecticut?

 Posted on May 19,2023 in Criminal Defense

CT defense lawyerMost criminal defense attorneys will agree that violent crimes happen far more frequently than many tend to believe. Such crimes are considered severe offenses that can attract enhanced penalties, often including potentially decades of imprisonment and steep monetary fines. Because of the nature of these kinds of offenses, such crimes are prosecuted very aggressively. To protect yourself from potentially serving many years in prison and having your life effectively ruined, contact a criminal defense attorney right away to ensure you have a fair chance at overcoming the charges.

Examples of Common Violent Crimes

Here is a list of examples of violent crimes in Connecticut that criminal defense attorneys work with regularly, including:

  • Assault – This is defined as intentionally causing physical harm of an immediate nature toward another person. This crime can include threats, unwanted physical contact, or any conduct that places someone in immediate fear of contact or death by the perpetrators. Depending on the degree of assault and the injuries sustained, penalties in Connecticut can result in a several-year prison sentence and steep financial penalties

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I Have Been Falsely Accused of Domestic Violence. What Should I Do?

 Posted on May 03,2023 in Domestic Violence

CT defense lawyerBeing accused of domestic violence can be a traumatizing experience, especially if the accusations are false. Unfortunately, false accusations are not uncommon in domestic violence cases, and they can result in lasting reputational damage, loss of employment, and even incarceration if not appropriately addressed. Today, we are going to review and provide practical guidance on how to deal with false accusations of domestic violence and take the necessary steps to clear your name. Your first step needs to be contacting an experienced criminal defense attorney to ensure you understand your legal options at this time.

How to Overcome False Accusations of Domestic Violence

Here are some tips on what you can do if you have been accused of domestic violence, including:

  • Remain calm – It is important to stay composed and rational when facing false accusations of domestic violence. Any attempt to retaliate, contact the accuser indiscriminately, or destroy evidence can worsen the situation.

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Do I Really Need a Fairfield County Real Estate Lawyer for My New Home Purchase?

 Posted on April 28,2023 in Real Estate Law

stamford real estate lawyer Purchasing your first home is an exciting time for many people, but it can also be a stressful one. There are many issues that must be addressed from the day you sign the purchase agreement to the day you have the closing. Overlooking an issue that you may not even be aware of can cause a delay in the process or even negate the transaction completely. This is why it is in your best interest to have a real estate attorney representing you through this process. The following are some of the things that your attorney can address for you.

Reviewing and Preparing Legal Documents

Purchasing a home involves a significant amount of legal and financial paperwork, including purchase agreements, mortgage documents, and title deeds. Your attorney will prepare and review these documents to ensure that they are both legally correct and binding and in your best interest. Your attorney will also make sure that you understand the complicated legal jargon in these contracts that can often be difficult to understand if you do not have a law degree.

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Defining Assault and Battery Under Connecticut Law

 Posted on April 24,2023 in Criminal Defense

stamford criminal defense lawyerMany people are under the impression that assault and battery is one charge, however, under Connecticut law, they are two distinct crimes. They are related crimes, with both offenses involving the intentional use of force or violence against another person, but do have important differences. Understanding the difference between assault and battery is crucial for anyone who has been charged.

What Is Assault?

Assault is the act of intentionally causing another person to fear immediate bodily harm or injury. It does not require physical contact. The threat of harm can be either verbal or nonverbal. For example, pointing a gun at someone or threatening to hit them with a baseball bat are two actions that could be considered assault. If a person is arrested for assault, the crime can be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony, depending on the circumstances and the severity of the threat.

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What Are Employers Allowed to Ask Job Applicants Under the Clean Slate Law

 Posted on April 14,2023 in Criminal Defense

fairfield county criminal defense lawyerIn 2021, Connecticut lawmakers passed Public Act 21-32, also referred to as the Clean Slate Law. Under the law, anyone convicted of low-level felonies and misdemeanor offenses can have their conviction erased from their criminal records. Although the law was passed in 2021, it just took effect on January 1, 2023. The removal of convictions from a person’s criminal record can make a significant difference when applying for employment. The following is a brief overview of what companies are allowed to ask prospective employees and what people who have had their convictions erased are required and not required to disclose.

Who Does the Law Affect?

The purpose of the law was to give a fresh start for people who had certain criminal convictions, providing them with a “clean slate” and the ability to obtain steady employment without being required to reveal they have a criminal record. The law makes it illegal for companies to discriminate against someone because of a conviction.

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Is It a Crime to Possess Body Armor in Connecticut?

 Posted on April 07,2023 in Criminal Defense

b2ap3_thumbnail_shutterstock_2229193779-min.jpgAlthough the debate over gun laws continues across the country, many people may not be aware of what some of the laws are regarding accessories that are associated with firearms. One such category is body armor. Although body armor is something that is typically used by police and the military, there are more and more private citizens who are purchasing these items. If you are considering a purchase, it is important you understand what the laws are in Connecticut before doing so. Otherwise, you could face serious criminal consequences.

What Is Considered Body Armor?

There are several types of articles of clothing that the law classifies as body armor. These items contain Kevlar – or another similar material – that is designed to prevent bullets from penetrating the person utilizing the item. There are two types of body armor used in these items.  Hard body armor is made up of rigid plates or panels. Items that are classified as hard body armor include military-style items, like surveillance vests and flak jackets.

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